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You've witnessed one of our concerts, you've heard us on the radio or bought one of our well-praized CD-recordings? Then it's probably clear for you that we're young and very passionate. 

And just like all youngsters, we have our ambitions and dreams. We started with chamber music projects, but are currently already setting up larger projects. 

And for this we would like your support. To participate in materializing our ambition and musical dreams. An ambition of which you, the audience, can pluck the fruit .

With your support we want to continue to rediscover forgotten repertoire ànd invest in presenting this fantastic music to the youngest of audiences through educational programs.

Will you help us to realize our ambition? Will you become our friend?

You'll become our friend from € 75 per year (reduced price for youngsters under 30: € 50) and for couples from € 120  and willl enjoy these benefits:

  • you'll receive our newsletter

  • you''l receive 1 copy per year of a new CD

  • we'll organise specially for our friends 2 open rehearsals per year, with a meet & greet with Reinoud and the musicians and a drink

  • we'll send you in avant-première some audio and video recordings

From € 1.000 onwards you'll be one of our sponsors. Next to the benefits above you'll also have this: 

  • mention of your name on our website and printed communication (if wanted)

  • 5 copies of each new CD

  • yearly invitiation for 4 persons to a concert and a reception

  • as a company sponsor you'll receive all these benefits ànd your logo on our website and print from € 5.000.

From € 10.000€ onwards you'll become our mecenas. Next to the benefits mentioned above we would like to disccuss with you of which program you'll become the patron.


Will you support us and become our friend, sponsor or mecenas ?
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